Changes to lineups are (sporadically) not taking effect


My current working theory is that this will occur mostly for teams that keep all their starters on the bench, only moving them in to SP slots on starting days. That is not how I manage my team, I leave all my SPs in SP slots and swap, rather than leaving my SP slots empty most of the time.

My theory is also that affected teams are making more lineup changes in a day - lots of platooning, etc.

If anyone runs into this “surprise, our pitchers are on the bench” situation moving forward (5/15 and onward), please let me know.


Anecdotal, but for what it’s worth I am a heavy platooner, in addition to keeping my starters on the bench, and I have never come across this problem. I use Chrome on Mac and Android on mobile.


In league 52 a few days ago it also happened to me. Nats/Phillies was rained out and I took Galvis and Werth out of my lineup. At around 8pm ET I checked my live page to see that they were both in my lineup.

Back to 791. On Saturday may 6th I put Andrew Miller in at RP for Neftali Feliz. It didn’t take and I saw Miller on our bench a little later


I am also in 791 and I have had this problem. I will be honest that this is something I would only notice if it was super obvious. It happened to me this past Wednesday, 5/10, when I had taken Votto out and put Tommy Joseph in because the Reds were off. The only other time I noticed this issue was actually 4/4 when I benched Odorizzi and then halfway through the start saw he was in my lineup. This was in league 725 though.


Also I am someone who always has players in every position and swap out, I do not leave positions empty.


Yeah they were mostly day of which is how I typically manage my team. As far as starting pitchers, go I manage all my teams like you described because years ago I screwed up and left my SP slots full and then couldn’t add some west coast starters.