MiLB Leagues

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For those leagues that use the MiLB process (holding prospects “off books”) would it be possible to allow commissioners to add players to 40 man rosters for $0 each? This would allow teams to carry MiLB players on their actual rosters (easier to track and trade) without counting against the salary cap. If they could be made like 60 day DL players, they would not count against the 40 man cap either. Thanks


I still think a foundational principle of Ottoneu fantasy games is that every player should have to be paid some amount of money and take up a roster spot unless they are so injured that they can’t play. The 5-MiLB format goes counter to that and will remain as a community mod for now.

I’d love to hang out for a hour and talk about the philosophy behind the pros and cons of what I just said, by the way. It’s an interesting conversation that is relevant to current MLB events.