04/01/21 Today's Stats Not Appearing in Lineup Page

Just an FYI, the player stats for today’s game are showing up on the “Today’s Stats” page but not in the “Lineup” page. Appears to be the case across multiple leagues of mine.

The season stats won’t populate until overnight. If you click on the drop down and select “Today” do you see stats?

I do in league 1.

Actually I don’t know WHEN season stats will start populating, but it clearly isn’t yet, ha. It might be before “overnight”.

I’m seeing stats for Teoscar Hernandez in League 471 on the “Today’s Stats” page but not the “Lineup” page. The league standings seem to be reflecting the stats in real-time.

Do “Lineups” show season stats? I thought that they showed same-day stats. If I’m mistaken, please disregard and apologies.

EDIT: When I select “Today” rather than “Season,” they populate. Apologies for the post–seems to be working as designed, user error. :slight_smile:

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The lineups page has a bunch of filters / splits you can view.

The default setting there is “Season” and that will show nothing right at this moment. If you change the dropdown to Today as I have it, I see stats on the lineup page.

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It’s that weird edge case first day of the season thing :slight_smile: