1 owner and we're full (FGPts - $20)

We have one opening in Pesapallo (Leauge 774). The league is a $20 Fangraphs Points league with a good set of owners. The league is entering its 5th season and still has a good core of its original owners.

The team available is Au Revoir - https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/774/team?team=5468

To start, the roster is deep (49 players) so there is a good base of players to start with. Ther eis a mix of younger talent and established stars. The team finished 6th last year.

If you are an owner that likes to rebuild, the roster has some pieces you’ll like (Lamet, Turnbull, Dominguez, and plenty of young hitters).

If you are looking for a team to be competitive now, they have something for you to.

It’s the only spot left, so if you are looking for a league almost guaranteed to be full this season, grab it quick.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Matt (Comish)