$100 FgPts - 1 Team Available

Hi all, we have one last opening in our long running $100 FgPts league. Roster has some nice pieces to build upon such as Albies $28, B Lowe $24, O’Neil $13, Rodgers $8, Berrios $19, etc.

Full roster here: https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/435/team?team=3748

Team is available to be claimed at the normal “Claim a Team” page (league is “This is Fantasy Baseball”, team is “La Phamilia” https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/claimteams

League has picked up a few other new managers this offseason, and I just checked and every manager in the league has logged in either today or yesterday, so I’m expecting another very active/competitive season for the league! Just need one last active manager and we’ll be ready to go!

Thanks for looking, and good luck all!

Team is still available! Don’t forget that the cut deadline has been pushed back to Feb 15, so there’s still nearly a month to make moves, and plenty of solid assets to work with! This league has had 9 trades go down in the last 6 days, so full of active owners looking to make moves.

This team has been claimed, thanks all for looking!