$100 FGPts team available

We have an opening in an established, fifth year, $100 FGPts league. This is a fun league with engaged managers. Different teams have won the championship in each of the first four seasons, making it a quite competitive and compelling league. We use coupons to encourage end-of-season engagement and competitiveness. It has worked! The G-PA-B-RUN roster is below. There are some interesting pieces. The team is available on claim a team. Contact me if you are interested. @Mycoff on Ottoneu Slack.

I’m interested. Let me know if the team is still available. Long time fantasy MLB player and new to Ottoneu.

Sorry. We had two teams open up and they both filled very quickly. I have another league with openings though. We are headed into our second year which means that those who found out Ottoneu is not for them have left the league and the remaining managers are all engaged. We have four available teams, any of which would be good grabs. Arbitration is underway. A good time to join and get to know how things work. These are the open teams:

This is a playoff league, so make the top six and you have a good chance of wining the league. Sixth place team won it all in out first season. $20 entry fee.

You can claim here: Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball



Thanks. I would like to claim the Chunichi Dragons in the Great American Pastime League. I tried to claim them and since it’s a private league, the site is asking me for the league password which I don’t have.

If you can help me on the password I’m in and will continue studying up on Ottoneu rules.

Thank you,