12 Team SABR Points League Opening

Hi All,

We have 2 teams open in our league, SmartBaseball, after 2 long time members decided to call it quits. League has been pretty stable since we started on ESPN back in 2008 as a group and made the move over to ottoneu a few years back. The open teams are Shinjo’s Jinjos and The Good Zekes. Open to all experience levels and will work to accommodate any needs.


Forgot to mention that the entry fee for the league is just $20. Great for beginners or veteran owners looking for a second team.

Hey All - I would be interested in The Good Zekes. Long time fantasy and Ottoneu player that would be around for the long haul. The team is showing as password protected on the claim page

Hey, the password should be Ryguy27. Let me know if it doesn’t work. Also you should be able to make a round of penalty free cuts but if that isnt working just email me a list and I’ll do it for you.

Great. Thanks!

Just one team left now. The Shinjo’s Jinjos. Need to fill before the draft this sunday!

I’d be interested in claiming this team! Longtime fantasy baseball player, new to Ottoneu. Would be around for the long haul as well. Let me know if I can go ahead and claim it with the password above. Thanks!