2 Openings in $20 5x5 League 724

We’re currently looking for two active owners to replace teams that were abandoned mid-season. These two teams are available:

Campo’s Dumpster Fire:
Includes a mix of controllable young players (Giolito, Clevinger, etc.) and a few studs (Yelich, Kershaw, etc.).

Bunting Bums
Finished mid-pack in 2019 despite no roster management after All-Star Break. Acuna Jr, Severino, Corbin, Javy Baez, etc.

Send me a note if you’d like to take over either team. Ideally looking for new owners to participate in arbitration (allocations) by November 15th.

Update: Bunting Bums has been claimed, but Campo’s Dumpster Fire is still available.

Still looking for one owner, hopefully in time to participate in arbitration by tomorrow.