2 Openings in $20 5x5 League 724

We’re currently looking for two active owners to replace teams that were abandoned mid-season. These two teams are available:

Campo’s Dumpster Fire:
Includes a mix of controllable young players (Giolito, Clevinger, etc.) and a few studs (Yelich, Kershaw, etc.).

Bunting Bums
Finished mid-pack in 2019 despite no roster management after All-Star Break. Acuna Jr, Severino, Corbin, Javy Baez, etc.

Send me a note if you’d like to take over either team. Ideally looking for new owners to participate in arbitration (allocations) by November 15th.

Update: Bunting Bums has been claimed, but Campo’s Dumpster Fire is still available.

Still looking for one owner, hopefully in time to participate in arbitration by tomorrow.

Bumping this because this team is still available:

This league is now filled.