2 Teams Available in League 745 (5x5 with 8MiLB)

We’re looking for 2 replacement owners in our active roto league. Both outgoing managers got too busy with young families and one owns a small business so we’re losing two solid owners on good terms and hoping to find 2 great replacements to keep us going. We’d like to add before arbitration concludes if possible.

The league will be entering it’s 7th season. In 6 seasons we’ve had 5 different champions so there is a lot of parity and competition.

Team #1: Win Now Mode - This team won in 2021 and finished 4th this season
Team #2: Judge My Morales - This team has been executing a rebuild and is primed to open a window for contention.

If you’re interested or want to learn more please message me and I can share more insight into our league charter, minor league rosters, etc.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Would like to see MiLB from Judge my Morales’ roster

Fine, I’m good with MiLB list you sent, I would agree to take roster over (Judge my Morales).

So? Please confirm that I can acquire Judge my Morales

Judge My Morales has been claimed. I’m still looking for a replacement owner for the team named Win Now Mode

Both teams have been claimed