$20 FG Points League - one team available

League 591 (Auto News Alliance), a $20 FG Points league, has one opening - the “Beef & Cheeda’” team. Reformed in 2019, our league is a set of enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and active managers. The “Beef & Chedda’” team has a 30 player roster, $320 current cap usage, a strong set of RPs, and good players to build around (e.g., Castellanos, Bichette, W Smith, Alonso, E Jimenez). A fast-acting new manager will have time to trade and cut before the Keeper Deadline.

Hi, I am interested in taking over this team. This would be my first time playing Ottoneu, not sure if you are looking for a more experienced manager. Thanks!

Clarke, this would be a great league to join. We have a mix of new-to-Ottoneu and veterans. Join, ask questions, learn, and enjoy. Ideally, it would be great if you can stay in for a few years, since Ottoneu can take a few to feel comfortable. Btw, it’s first come first served, so if you’re interested, make sure you have a fangraphs membership and pay the $20 and the team’s yours. I’ll help you if you need assistance.

That sounds great, I’m in. Let me see if I can figure out how to take over the team.

I’m in and paid, thanks!