$20 FGPTs League - one owner needed, post draft

League 591 (Auto News Alliance ), a $20 FG Points league, has one opening - the “THE GAME’ ” team. Reformed in 2019, our league is a set of enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and active managers. “THE GAME’” team has good players to build around (e.g., Tatis, Judge, JD Martinez, Machado, Scherzer, Aroldis Chapman). This is a post-draft league, so a fast-acting new manager will have time to make one set of free cuts and get ready before Opening Day. First come, first served.

I’d be down to join. Kinda bummed the owner dropped Franchy Cordero, tho but I’ll figure out a way to make it work without that beautiful statcast darling :slight_smile: LMK if you think this will work out for y’all.

Sorry, ALKOZ. I have an owner. happened fast.