2016 - 2017 MLBTR Top 50 FA Contest

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Welcome to the 2nd Edition of the MLBTR Top 50 Free Agent Contest for Ottoneu owners.

Ottoneu creator @nivshah has been gracious enough to offer a free standard season of Ottoneu ($9.99)* to the five (5) community members who predict the highest number of correct free agent landing spots this winter. This contest is for @everyone so follow the link below to make your free agent predictions in the spreadsheet. The deadline for getting all predictions loaded will be 5 PM EST Sunday, November 13th.

Record your Top 50 FA predictions here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dvPh2cOy-dohIC93FOS7xDU0ky2phN5R4R1cdVXjeBo/edit?usp=sharing

*Winners who have already paid Ottoneu fees for the 2017 season will be rewarded with the discount for the 2018 season (or those in prize leagues will receive the $9.99 as a rebate when prizes are paid out for the 2017 season). Winners will be announced on this thread in the community once all Top 50 FA’s have signed.

This contest is available to @trust_level_0, @trust_level_1, @trust_level_2, @trust_level_3, and @trust_level_4 - or everyone!

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Quick reminder to the @community that this Sunday (5 PM EST) is the deadline for your Top 50 Free Agent predictions!

Contest has closed. Thanks to all who will be playing. Updates will be posted occasionally so check back often. Will make an announcement once all 50 FA’s listed have signed. Enjoy the winter activity.

Here’s an update on the Top 50 Free Agent contest: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dvPh2cOy-dohIC93FOS7xDU0ky2phN5R4R1cdVXjeBo/edit?usp=sharing

This contest should be over after Joe Blanton signed last week, correct? Here’s what I see:

  1. arctickiwis 17
    T2. twinsfanmjb 14
    T2. wuboxnation 14
    T4. ufo2869 13
    T4. woodwork 13
    T4. jfwiii 13
    T4. zestychris99 13

I have renewals coming up in the next week or so and would appear to be in a four-way tie for the last spot. Are all of the players with 13 correct receiving a free team?


Congrats to @Arctic_Kiwis and everyone else who participated in this contest. I’m happy to award a season at the $9.99 tier to everyone who had 13+ correct:


Someone get zestychris99 on the forums too to claim their prize.

Winners should DM me here with the team they want refunded for the 2017 season.

Thanks especially to @LuckyStrikes for organizing this contest every year, he’s the best.


Here I am. Sorry for being late to the party :slight_smile:

I just created this account, so I’m trust level zero and cannot yet DM anyone. Ha!

Please apply reward to FIPpopotamus in League 100.

I think we’re still 2 short, and I am trying to do all of these at once for accounting reasons.

@Arctic_Kiwis and @ufo2869 get back to me as soon as you can!

Sorry for being late. I want Anaheim Trout and Scrubs in World Rookie League to be refunded. Thanks.

Do we need to have already renewed for 2017 in order to get the credit? Chris and I have not renewed yet in either 100 or 107, and 107 expires tomorrow.

Renewing your teams would be a help, yes. I can’t guarantee I’ll get to this by tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay guys,

I’m DM’d Niv now

Hoping to wrap this up this week, just need one thing from @Arctic_Kiwis (ping…)

Yip, that should have gone through.

Thank You.

Hi everyone,

I apologize for the long delay in resolving this. I believe I have refunded everyone who was a winner in this contest. Congrats again to the winners and thanks to @LuckyStrikes for running it.

If you don’t believe you’ve received your reward or there’s another issue, don’t hesitate to message me by clicking on my username at the top of this post.

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