2020 Arbitration / Vote-offs have been applied

Arbitration and vote-offs following the 2020 season have been applied and now are reflected on the site. Please use this thread or email help@ottoneu.com if you have any questions.

If you have a team or two that only partially completed arbitration, their results WILL show up in the arbitration results page. However, the amount your player went up will not include the money from teams that did not complete arbitration.

A concrete example: in my league, on the arbitration results page it says $7 was allocated towards Jesus Luzardo. However, one team did partial arbitration, and their $1 towards Luzardo was not added when arbitration was applied. As a result, Luzardo went up $6 last night when arbitration was applied.

Iā€™m working on making the arbitration results page clearer about this.

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Arbitration submitted by teams that did not complete arbitration is now broken out in the arbitration results page. The actual amounts applied are now correct and the results as a whole should be much easier to understand.