2022 projected positions are wrong

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Perhaps there is a thread about this already, but I can’t find it. It seems that all of the players are showing their 2022 projected positions as exact matches for 2021, which is unusual for multiple position players that can’t have ‘earned’ that eligibility as yet. I believe that Ottoneu carried over 2020 position eligibility (inc. those established in 2019) into 2021 as part of the Covid year rules; is Ottoneu going to do the same through into 2022, aka is 2021 also considered a ‘Covid year’?

No 2021 won’t be a COVID year. There may be a bug here.

Not so much a bug as a carry over from last season, as you guessed @timothygk. I’m looking into it.

2021 positions are continuing to use eligibility earned in 2019, 2020 as well as whatever will be earned in 2021.

2022 projected positions are now using only eligibility earned in 2021.

Bug Catcher badge for OP.

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Ok, thanks for the clarification, bug fix, and badge, Niv.