$250 5x5 League. Join Up!

Ottoneu is a great format and I want to establish a competitive, long-term league here, hence the buy-in. Please join. We’ll have a great time.

The League I run on ottoneu finished first and second the last two years. I am looking for an old school 5x5 league. Do you have any openings left? How many spots are currently filled?

This didn’t go anywhere last season, but I’m starting early this time around. Let me know if you want in!

I have about ten spots filled in a $250 Pts league u want in that one?

I appreciate the offer, but nah. I don’t care for points.

I am in a few 100 roto leagues. Hit me up if u get close to filling it. I have one spot open in the points league and it filled up quickly. U should have no problem filling it.

One spot left in a new $250 PTS league. Anyone with any questions you can message me. If not the team can be claimed in the join a league section.