3 Teams in an OPL-eligible $75 FGPTs league

Looking for 3 new managers in league 726, a $75 OPL eligible FGPTs league.

We’ll do a dispersal draft to help ensure some competitive rosters, but highlighting that draft will be a $44 Seager, $7 Nootbar, $30 Wheeler, $8 Helsley, $3 Tanner Scott, $10 Ragans, $14 Justin Steele, $6 Naylor, $20 Nimmo, $29 Luis Castillo, $27 Framber, and $7 Michael King. Here are the links to the teams:

I’d be interested in the Blue Jays squad. Lmk how to go about next steps, and wouldn’t mind a TLDR on dispersal drafting - first timer in Ottoneu!

Hi @Big_Jax_Cat - thanks for reaching out. A dispersal draft is fairly simple. We take all the players from the available three teams and put them into a snake-draft involving the three new owners. The players are available at their current salaries, and owners get to effectively remake their team prior to the general league auction to try and make each team a bit better going into auction.

So the easiest way to join is simply claim a team (Blue Jays is fine) but then wait to make any cuts or trades until we find the other two managers. We’ll then do the dispersal draft and allow you to make cuts. Let me know if you have any other questions!

@csnowden17 I actually found another team that interested me. But many thanks for the info!