4x4 team newly available: Ohtani, Spinger, Seager, Story, Schwarber

Hi all,

We’ve just had an owner notify us that he doesn’t feel he has the requisite time to tend to his team and is withdrawing. His team is now up for grabs in our 12-year 4x4 league.

For those not familiar with 4x4, it was a precursor to FGP which eliminated arbitrary stats like wins, save, and RBIs. Hitting cats are OBP, SLG, HR, R (no more chasing steals!) and pitching is ERA, WHIP, K, HR/9 (1250 IP minimum).

Team in question is linked below. Already paid for, we just need someone to take it over and see the year through.

Biggest assets listed in title. Pitching is a bit thin but definitely a team that can be made competitive with an experienced owner.

Any interest, reply to this post or shoot me a DM!


Update: team has been claimed!

Thanks to all those who expressed interest but missed out.

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