$50 H2H Fangraphs team available. Rebuild project

Roster includes Mookie Betts, Max Muncey, Justin Turner, Bo Bichette, and others. Team needs a huge pitching rebuild. Message me if you’re interested.

Hi there! I am interested and would love to learn more about this league and team

Checked out the league, definitely something I want to be a part of! Will be a nice challenge, because, you’re right, that is a tough rotation. If you want to move forward with me please let me know and what I will need to provide for you (if we need to sync up or what not)

Welcome! I’ll add you as the owner right away.

You are in. Please feel free to rename the team anything you like, and introduce yourself to the league whenever you’re ready.

Great! Thank you for allowing me to join, much appreciated and very excited.