5x5 $20 - team claimed


Please help.

League I am has one teams available. I am not the commish.

https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/445/home - Old Man TC’s Old Style Roto

Team is Shiva (can be found on the expired teams list) located in the claim a team section off the dashboard

Daily lineups / allocation system

Thanks for looking.



2 spots still open - thanks for looking.


Still have the two spots.


I may be interesting in assuming Maybe Next Year’s team. I am new to Ottoneu. Can you give me a few more details on the league and next activities (deadlines) for the league?

Thank you.



Tbill hasn’t claimed a spot yet so we still have 2 open spots.


Two spots still open and there is still time to claim and trade. Thanks.


Hey looking for a new league to join this year after a successful 3rd place finish last year, but the league folded unfortunately. Hoping to join a league which plans to continue for a long time lol. Message me if still available


Maybe Next Year has been claimed - Shiva is still available.



Shiva is still available - thanks.