5x5 2nd year dynasty Owner Wanted

The League has been together/running for 12 years, but this is our 2nd year in Ottoneu. We have a team open, would require me (The Commissioner) working with the new owner to trim the roster to fit the salary cap since the old owner missed keeper deadline.

Here’s a link to the team: https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/946/team?team=6981

Looking to fill this ASAP. Draft is March 10 at 7pm EST.

Actually the new owner doesn’t have to get you involved. The system will allow him to make one round of free cuts without any commish intervention. Good luck filling the spot.

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I would like to take this team over. I can make the auction on the 10th. I have been the commish of Ottoneu league 181 since its inception six or seven seasons ago and am looking to take on a few more teams. I will be active daily. Let me know. My fangraphs ID is just the letter g if you add it under commissioner tools i think i will get an email with a prompt to pay, etc. let me know what’s up. peace.

Sorry, I forgot to mark this team as taken. Thanks for your interest tho!