5x5 Old School ($100) - 3rd Year of League - One Opening (CLOSED)

This team has a new owner!

Good Morning!

I have a team in need of a new owner. Here’s a link to the team in question.

The Will Clark Expedition

2021 will be the third year of the league and it’s a very active league. The entry fee is $100 and the draft date is the morning of March 6th.

It’s a competitive, fun-loving league, and most of the owners are still pretty new to Ottoneu so there’s a lot of learning still taking place. Do you want to miss out on the chance to join a fun, competitive league, that typically has a waitlist for owners? Message me before it’s too late!


Hey ya! Is this team still open? I’m definitely interested if it is. Cheers!
Matt (AKA TommyJohnsCurve)

I should add that I’m happy to provide my email if that helps. I can’t remember how this process works, lol. Of course if you already found someone, all good. Looks like a fun league and a promising team!
All the best,

Hey, Matt!

Thanks for reaching out! Let me check with the league real quick because one of the current owners mentioned he had a buddy that wanted in. Give me a day to see if that’s a real thing or not, and then I’ll get back to you.


Hi, Matt! I just heard back, and we have already found someone. Sorry, I can’t accommodate you, and I hope you find a great league this upcoming year.

Coolio. Thanks for letting me know! Have a good season!