A cut disappeared

Something strange has happened with Kole Calhoun in 752.

The last event that appears in the transaction history on Calhoun’s player page is team Mithril Hall’s add, for $3, on July 5. But he is no longer on Mithril Hall’s roster. The owner reports that he cut Calhoun on 7/8, and an email notice went out. There is no indication of the cut on the site, and no cap penalty in place.

Calhoun shows up on the Player search results with “FA” status, as if he had never been owned, instead of “FA (cut)”, as one would expect. He is currently being auctioned, with a minimum bid of $1, and Mithril Hall is being allowed to bid.

This is related to that cache issue I brought up … yesterday? Two days ago?

So, it should not be an issue going forward, but it was definitely an issue on the 8th. I’ll fix the cap penalty shortly.

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Should be fixed!

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This same thing happened to Calhoun in league 447. The owner cut him, email went out, but no transaction or cap penalty is in place.

Should be fixed now