Active Stats from past years?

Is there any way to view active stats from previous years? For example, in our league there is a fun debate going as to whether an owner had Volquez in his active lineup on june 3, 2017 when he pitched a no hitter. When I plug in those dates in the url, I get an error. Thanks.

Link me to the URL you’re getting the error on.

Thanks. I’m hitting “today’s stats,” going back a day to let it populate the url, and then I’m changing the date to a past date. Here’s what I end up with:

I would check the lineups page:

We changed how live stats are saved, loaded and displayed a couple of years ago and so the Today’s Stats page probably won’t work before 2019 and may not work for every day in 2019.

Gotcha. Thanks for checking.

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Yeah just to be clear, the Lineups page should work all the way back to 2011.

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Oh, that’s great. That settles the argument: he was benched!

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