Add a Schedule .csv export

I just noticed that on the standings page, it’s possible to break it down by week and that there’s a second table with FGA, FGM, etc. That’s really helpful information, thanks!

I was wondering if it would be possible to add a field to the second table for matchup ID for the week when you filter to a specific week. That way if you download the table, you can easily reconstruct who won which category across the entire league.

For example, my matchup this week:

I’m proposing to see 6229 added a field to the last table on the standings page, since it looks like there’s a bit of room for an additional column.

For the first half of last year, I was doing semi-regular writeups of stat patterns across the league. I stopped doing them because it was too much work to wrangle the data. But having the matchup ID right in a scrapable table would make life much, much easier and I could start doing those again.

Thanks for your consideration.

I am confused by this request. You are talking about the standings page, where you filter by a single week? Those tables are sortable - you can click the table headers to sort them, which is a very easy way on that page to see who had the best and worst stats in a given category for the whole week.

I am just not super sure how the matchup ID, an internal ID that has no bearing on any of this really, has anything to do with this.

I’m interested in being able to easily generate a binary variable for wins and losses by category for each matchup in every category league. I can’t do that from the standings tables without the matchup identifier. Knowing whether I finished first or sixth in rebounds for the week, while helpful in other applications, isn’t sufficient for this purpose.

For example, here is one of my posts from last year. I’d like to start doing again if the data were more readily available.

To create that sort of descriptive analysis (e.g., the average number of rebounds for teams that won the category), I need to know the matchup id to figure out whether each team won each category. I also need the binary indicator for winning the category to run the more sophisticated analysis (e.g., a logistic regression to compute the marginal values of each statistic).

So what I’m asking for is a column added to one of the table of the Standings page that lists the matchup id. I was thinking that it seemed most straight-forward to just present the matchup id that’s used in the URL. However, some other identifier (e.g., a 1-6, A-F, whatever) could also work so long as the two teams for each matchup were easily identified.

I see - that wasn’t super clear in your original request.

It really does not make sense to add a matchup ID there. The purpose of that table is to track how teams are doing relative to other teams, not to be a convenient table for a web scraper for offline advanced analysis.

I’m sure you can figure out a clever way to scrape the schedule page one time to create an internal lookup table of each teams games for a given week and go from there.

I looked into it last year, but the schedule page isn’t easily scrapable (at least for me) because it’s not a simple HTML table.

Would you be willing to provide a CSV that has the schedule data for the category leagues? Also, it doesn’t look like 2021-22 schedules are presented on the website, so it wouldn’t be possible to retrieve the historical data via the schedule page.

If I had a CSV of the schedule data, then I could pull it together and start writing posts about Ottoneu basketball again.

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I think a .csv export for schedules for all 3 sports would be useful enough that I’ll look into that sometime soon.


Basketball and football schedule pages now have a ‘Export as .csv’ link on them that will download a schedule .csv file.

Baseball coming soon.


Thanks so much!


Schedule .csv export is now available for baseball as well. There is a link on the schedule page.

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