Add link on player page for "add to trade block"

This is a nice feature in baeeball

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There is now a Trade Block button on player pages. The auction and watchlist links have been changed to buttons as well, and the information about a player’s current status (signed, cap penalty, free agent) in a league has been cleaned up.

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Re: adding players to your watchlist in a football league from a player page, there doesn’t appear to be any confirmation that a player was added successfully. I found myself clicking the button a few times thinking it wasn’t working, and then upon refreshing the page seeing the “- Watchlist” button I realized it did work.

There’s a JavaScript error happening when the Watchlist button is clicked that I’ll need to look at tonight or tomorrow AM.

This is actually a cache issue. If you have to refresh in order for the Watchlist button to reflect that you clicked it, you’ll need to clear your browser’s cache.

I just had to look up how to do this on iOS Chrome: