Adding 3PTA and FGA to Matchup Page

For H2H Categories, it would be really helpful to have the denominator FGA and 3PTA added to the match-up page. Maybe at the bottom in italics or something so that it isn’t confused with a scoring category. But it’s really necessary context, IMHO.

Presenting those data on the match-up page could help inform lineup decisions. For example, I’m down quite a bit in both 3PT% and FG%. Probably hopelessly at this point, but I don’t know that for sure without knowing 3PTA and FGA. Short of pulling those data into a spreadsheet from another site, I’m not sure whether I should start my 3PT specialists or focus the remaining GS on more rounded players.

Thanks for your consideration.

I’d like to add minutes to the matchups page for this same kinda reason, just understanding if my team is playing enough to be competitive or whatever. I think 3PTA, FGA, and FTA could all be useful context as well.


Ok I’ve done a few things:

First, I’ve added the total team stats to points league matchup pages. That way you can see how you are getting to your team’s total score. I was just showing this table on category leagues, but now everyone has it.

Second, I’ve added the minutes to the bottom of the table, so everyone can see how many minutes in aggregate they have put forward in a given H2H matchup.

Third, I’ve added raw numbers for free throws, three pointers, and field goals for leagues that have FTM, 3PT% and FG%. These are smaller and italicized next to the relevant stat in the aggregate table.

I’m happy to take more feedback on this if you’d like to see this organized another way.

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Looks good to me! Thanks so much.

But it looks like I’m hopelessly behind in both FG% and 3PT% this week. Oh well.