Adding a new manager with a common name

I’m trying to add a manager whose profile is just labeled “Chris” as a display name (I can find his username of ChrisHurst as the link), but when I try to add him to a team in my league, his display name is not among the top 10 prioritized by the search, so I can’t click to add him. I’m seeing three others with that display name, and various others that start with “Chris…”, but not his.

NOTE: I am trying to add from mobile, so maybe that plays into it?

I have been added to leagues before, so I don’t understand why there’s a problem now.

Ok so if you type in ChrisHurst and click on the Chris that is given and add them, who is added?

It adds ChrisHurst it turns out! So this happens because ChrisHurst has a display name on the site of Chris, which is what the search results show. However you are searching against the username, so just click the “Chris” you see when you type in “ChrisHurst” in the box and you will be fine.

Ha! It worked. Thanks, Niv.

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