Adjusting projected games played for season-long leagues with playoffs


It seems to me that the games played/ innings pitched projections still work off assuming a 6 month season for leagues that have playoffs. This is a bit confusing as a lot of manages use this as a way to gauge their starts. Last year I almost left a whole lot of innings on the shelf because I realized this too late.

Is there a way to have the projections assume a 5 month season for the caps?

Thank you

Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball has 293 non-H2H leagues. Only 12 of those leagues have playoffs. For context, in order to be affected by this you’d need to be in one of those 12 leagues.

So, I’ll get to this but the priority level is a little low.

Wow, didn’t realize non H2h FG points with playoffs was so rare!!! Thanks Niv, appreciate the support.

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I’ve taken a pass at updating projected games/innings for non-H2H leagues with playoffs.

Thank you!!!

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