All-Star Week matchups and SP start limits

There is a “long” Ottoneu week coming up starting Thursday, July 11 and running through Sunday July, 21. For leagues that have adopted a “max” number of starts per week, will that number apply to the fully July 11 through July 21 time period or will it reset as of Monday, July 15? So, for example, one of my leagues has a 9 start maximum for SP’s. If my team uses 4 between July 11 and July 14, will that leave me with 5 for July 15 through July 21 or will my the SP starts maximum of 9 reset the morning of Monday, July 15 and cover all starts from July 15 through July 21?

Rule I. e. ii. C.

In regular season H2H games longer than one week (for example, the first matchup of the season and around the All-Star Break), the GS cap will be the same as it is for regular one week matchups