Allow commissioners to change loan $$

We are trying to do a custom rule where 6 votes = veto and it doesn’t look like there’s a way for me to undo cap $$ in a trade outside of just forcing a tradeback. Can I put in a feature request for $$ management or just 6 votes = veto? Thanks!

Commissioners can cancel pending trades - maybe this could sort this problem for you?

The reason commissioners can’t modify loans is because it is harder to note that a commissioner made a change to a loan, so holding commissioners accountable for these changes becomes a little harder. So, this would be a non-trivial change.

Well I don’t know how many votes it has until the trade completes. I don’t really want to force a tradeback to move the $$ so maybe we’ll just keep it at 7 this year.

This is a good point. I guess my counter would be “vetoing trades should be really, really hard” :slight_smile:

Let me think on this further

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Definitely, but we’ve had an uphill process of getting 12 active owners in the league. So unfortunately accepting wildly lopsided trades have been pretty easy! We also have a last place penalty so in general you don’t see a lot of the crazy big trades regardless.