Any Ottoneu Players in the Washington, DC / DMV area?


A couple of my pals from the original Ottoneu league will probably be attending, and David Appelman from FanGraphs should be by later in the evening. If you’re in the area, definitely try and come!


Hey, that’s a couple blocks away – I’m down!


Love to see you get 15 core Ottoneu guys and do a live draft to start the fantasy season. Like an FSTA draft. Dave can represent FanGraphs. Things like that. Love to talk some smack with you and your boys concerning fantasy baseball.


I’ll be there. Looking forward to it!


Reminder: DC Meetup on Tuesday, February 12. That’s just 5 days from now!

Pop’s Sea Bar upstairs, starting around 5:30p until whenever.


This still on for tomorrow?


Yep! I’ll be at Pop’s around 5:30p


See you all there!!


This is still extremely on for just after work. Come by and say hey! I will have some Ottoneu stickers, exclusively available to those who meet me in person, for now.


Why the heck don’t I have any ottoneu stickers???


When do you think “whenever” will be? I have a basketball game at 7 but would love to come by after.


I think David from FanGraphs is coming by around 8p. I live really close by so I could easily hang out until 9. Try and come by after your game!

I’ll check in on this thread as I can and will definitely leave a note tonight after I’ve left.


Very cool, hoping to be there just after 8. I live off Malcolm X so yeah, this is super convenient. Cheers!


For those of you planning to come by tonight, I’m here and upstairs with some PBRs and another original ottoneu (League 1) member. See you soon!


Hey y’all we left for the night. Great turnout, I appreciate everyone who came out. We will be doing this again soon, so keep an eye out if you couldn’t make it tonight.


Thanks for Organizing Niv, and thanks to Dustin for hosting! Was awesome hanging out last night, we should definitely do another event soon!


Great time guys! Make sure my spot for ON Tennis League 1 is reserved.


Thanks for letting us take over Pop’s for a night. We’ll definitely be back!