Any way to change league tier settings?

I’m commissioner of a league that is moving from the $20 to the $50 tier, and I have a couple of owners leaving. Is there any way to change the settings of the league right now so that the new price shows up in the list of abandoned teams? I want to minimize confusion for owners who are looking for teams. Apologies if this is a simple question, but my searches within the message boards have not turned up a way to do this.

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Not yet, though I know that is a thing that needs to be made available ASAP. I’m working on a couple of small things before salary increases, and then I plan on having the ability to change price tier and renew your teams back. Today or tomorrow is my goal.

cc @Foulballs_Champ since he has the same request.

Thanks in advance for the patience


Awesome, Niv. Thanks for the quick turnaround.

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This is now possible under Commish Tools -> League Settings:

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