Arbitration will be applied just after 8am ET

Both allocation and vote-off arbitration will be applied just after 8am this morning (25 minutes or so). Feel free to use this thread to discuss the best and worst of arbitration in your league!

Arbitration should be applied now across all leagues. Happy off-season!

My Andrew Benintendi received $13 in one of my leagues, making him the most expensive AB in all FGPTS leagues ($18).

in my only league with the vote off, no players became RFA. is that because no player received enough votes?

Send an email to with your league info and I’ll check it out.

UPDATE NOPE NEVERMIND I’m a numbskull and this should be fixed

Just a note to those in the @community going through arbitration for the first time: don’t cut ANY players until much much closer to the keeper deadline (1/31). Player values (and perception) shift constantly throughout the off season, and nothing is really gained by cutting players early.

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Strange request here post-arbitration. I’m looking at the results of arb voting for my league (league 695) and my team (Springfield Scuzzlebutts). I had no one voted off my team (that I can tell) and every specific player that I voted off on other teams were the exact players selected (highlighted in red). It’s as though I was the only person in the league that actually completed arbitration voting.

If someone could verify whether this did happen, I would appreciate. It will certainly influence whether I renew with this team/league or whether I might be better served finding a more active baseball group.

It sure does look like you were the only one to participate in arbitration :confused:

Yea, I was afraid that was what happened (hoped maybe the admins would find some kind of error that could be corrected). It kind of feels like everyone (less me) has given up on the league.

That’s a real bummer, sorry to hear that. Maybe put a feeler out on the message boards, since those notes get emailed out to everyone in the league. There aren’t a shortage of active leagues looking for owners, so get yourself in a better league!

I was going to add a second league next year so now I’m looking for two instead of one. No biggie.

This time next year you’ll be looking to add six more!

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