Auction Date showing as next deadline even though auction is completed

Hi Niv. 20 team league (ID 1053) completed an offsite slow auction. As commissioner I can’t figure out how to tell the system we don’t need the internal auction (we see the April 1 auction noted in header alert). All managers are marked as done with draft.

Visit Commissioner Tools -> League Settings to tell the site you won’t be using the auction draft.

Maybe I’m blind. I don’t see anything to tell the system to cancel the auction.

Ah its already marked as done. I guess the system is showing the auction date as an upcoming deadline because it isn’t considering that the auction draft is done when calculating what the next deadline is.

Are you able to set lineups?

Yes can set lineups

I’ll get to fixing the next deadline date sometime later today, as long as you guys can set lineups and are getting points.

Thanks, obviously not urgent. Want to make sure a new auction doesn’t activate on April 1. :sweat_smile:

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If you guys can set lineups and make trade offers and start auctions, you are very much in-season and no auction will hijack you.

This is now fixed!

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