Auction happening for rostered player

My league is glitching. I claimed Graterol off waivers but it didn’t show so I started an auction for him. Auction started for $1 but it should have been $2. Now he is showing on my team but there is also an auction for him. Can you check it out @nivshah ?

League is 1458. TY!

Ah interesting, you must have started the auction within a minute of the waiver clearing. Link me to your league and I’ll delete the auction.

Ah nvm I see the League ID, I’ll get this sorted in a bit.

This auction has been deleted.

Thank you!

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If a player has an existing waiver claim that has not been processed yet, the site will no longer allow you to start an auction for this player.

This is generally an edge case but I thought it’d be good to fix.