Basketball players unexpectedly on bench

I’ve been noticing something funky happening with my lineups.

For example on Monday I use the weekly view to schedule all of the games that I wanted to use for each position but then today when I went to my team page it showed me the daily view and it had Jayson Tatum and Trae Young both on the bench even though in my weekly view they were both assigned one of the starting spots.

And then when I made changes in the daily view it didn’t update the number of games I had available at each position and when I switch to the weekly and started changing people around it also wasn’t updating my overall count of games available at each position even though after each subsequent move I got the message saying that lineup has saved

  1. Go to your weekly lineup
  2. Hit bench all players
  3. Only use the weekly view to put players in your lineup

If you see this issue again after taking these steps please let me know.

Hey Niv,

Getting a bunch of reports from teams in my league where people claim to add players to the starting lineup for the week, but not have those players stick. It’s happening via both the weekly and daily lineup views.

Post your fixes re: trade stuff in the other thread, I’m not experiencing the issue, but I’ve heard of it multiple times from a couple owners in my league - Junior Fishes and Westrbick’s Sinking Ship.

One particular example would be Mikal Bridges for today with Junior Fishes.

Any thoughts on how to go about troubleshooting this? Thanks! - Sam

I believe Niv’s advice to similar threads posted here has been to “bench all players” and then put them back into the starting lineup

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bench all players and ONLY use weekly lineup view for setting roster. don’t make changes to the weekly lineup using the daily view.

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I’m going to investigate why there might be a potential issue when using the daily lineup view tomorrow or what else might be going on here, but I’d like everyone to follow my steps in this post and then let me know if they continue to have issues.

I’ve set my lineups using the weekly lineup view and only weekly view for the entire season and have had no issues, and no one in league 1 has reported any problems. I’ve had one person in another league but I think this advice set them up for success.

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I have a working theory that this issue was caused by players being in the lineup from the previous season and that carrying over incorrectly. I’m investigating a fix.

I believe if you hit “Bench All Players” once and then set your lineup (either daily or weekly view) you should be fine going forward. Please let me know if you have hit Bench All Players, set your lineup, and still run into this issue.

I haven’t seen anyone run into this issue in a while and thanks to @doorbot I believe we have an answer as to what was going on. The lineup page was making it seem as if players who were in the lineup on the last day of the previous season and kept on the same team were still in the lineup going forward.

I’ve made a change to fix this issue so players who were kept will start the season on the bench.

It is safe to use both the daily and weekly view to set your lineups.