Best-ball scoring option for RPs?

I’ve tended to build my teams around offense, so maybe the pitching whispers out there will disagree with this one.

Figuring out who to deploy in the RP slots (if you have more than 5 options) seems like a pure guessing game. You can use info such as days off since they last pitched, the opponent quality, etc., but you cannot know which RP may get used in a game (save for the followers). I often carry only 5 RP for most of the season for this very reason. Outside of keeping the potential points out of the hands of the other owners, the current rules make RP point efficiency seem rather low.

I don’t know the best solution for this idea, but I imagine an RP ‘toggle’ similar to the toggle for auto-benching offensive players who are not in their team’s starting lineup. This RP toggle would enable a best-ball option for RP only or leave it to the players you set into your RP lineup.