Braves-Padres stats missing 04/09/2023

The FanGraphs nightly data load seems to be missing last night’s Braves-Padres game. I’m looking into this. It may result in wins/losses from the first week changing. I’ll update as I know more.


This seems resolved. Please let me know if you see any ongoing issues.

Hey! Seems like standings are incorrect in our league. Doesn’t seem like the final game is counting towards matchups, but it is appearing correctly in total points scored.


For Example, it is showing that I lost here in the matchup, but that I am also 4-0.

League 1239.


Just to clarify, this is still an active issue in my league. Thanks!

My matchup points were updated correctly, but it’s still showing that I lost the matchup as well, despite having more points than the other team.

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Ok, I’ll update standings shortly.

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Thank you sir

I believe standings should now be updated to properly reflect the Padres-Braves game.

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