Buggy Lineup Setting (Basketball)

I encountered some issues with setting my lineup just now (we drafted last night). League 23, Giannis Alphabet. It’s a Categories league.

Basically when I tried to slot a player into a spot from my bench into the lineup, it wouldn’t save the entry and it dropped the player that I was trying to put into the lineup to last in the bench spot. Reloading the page did not help. I was ultimately able to fill it out with multiple attempts. The issue affected nearly all positions and didn’t seem to be specific to a player position eligibility (e.g., G as well as G/F, etc.).

What seemed to work best was clicking the player from the bottom of the bench list into the lineup spot (whereas usually you can click on the position in the lineup and select a player from the bench). Although sometimes this required multiple attempts.

Very weird. I don’t think that I’ve ever encountered something like this in 4 years of Ottoneu, both baseball and football.

I’m actively working on this page, it isn’t ready quite yet.

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Ok, I’m seeing this behavior for slash positions (G/F, F/C, Util) but inconsistently? So, investigating.

Seeing the error message “Oh no something bad has happened” when I click on my team (One Man Weave in National Bad Association). I assume this is because you’ve taken down the lineup page, Niv, but just thought I’d report it.

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The error should not be there anymore, though the swapping isn’t quite 100% yet.

Ok, I think the lineup page should be in better shape. Getting updated code should be automatic but clear your cache if you run into issues.

If you still have issues after clearing your cache, just step me through what you tried to do in this thread and I’ll check it out as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience on this.


Seems to be working much better. Thanks!

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