Can we please pick the league champion/trophy assignment?

Hello @nivshah . Our 4x4 league ran our own playoffs on the side again this year using the 4x4 stats. Two years ago when we did this, our playoff champion ended up also being the season rotisserie champion, so the gold trophy lined up.

This year, though, the playoff winner will likely not match up with the season winner.

At the end of the season, are we able to please change the winner of our league for posterity/record book sakes?

This seems… really unlikely to be added to the platform. I appreciate you asking nicely.

Any other leagues doing things like this?

No worries, thanks for reading @nivshah .

As an aside, our 4x4 playoffs went well this year. Top half got to compete for champion, bottom half competed in a consolation bracket. Two, 8-day rounds. Had to start between 5-8 SP. Tie breakers were:

  1. Regular season rotisserie points
  2. Playoff innings pitched
  3. Random category chosen until tie is broken

We had to use #1 once.

We used the range mode on the standings page and Excel to keep track of daily standings. If one day the platform supported 4x4 playoffs, that would be really cool.