Can't move players already in lineup to another lineup spot

Richaun Holmes is set up as an F, so I figured he’d be able to go into any slot that has an F. However, I can’t put him in my G/F slot that still has games available. Precious Achiuwa, also an F, can go into that slot just fine.

Is Holmes currently in your starting lineup? I’ve noticed that I have to move players to my bench to be able to slot them into one of their alternate available slots.


Yeah, this. I have Holmes slotted into my G/F slot right now.

Move Holmes to your bench and then try slotting him into G/F. You may need to refresh your page and/or clear your cache.

Yep, that’ll do it! Just had to move him around and he slotted in fine. Thanks all!


Hey I’m aware of this bug on the lineup page and have been working on it. Thanks man for helping with the workaround!


I’m having the same problem? Cant move Embiid into my c slot??

I fixed it. Looks like it works if you use the Schedule tab instead of the season stats tab?

Just move anyone in your lineup to the bench first.

I’ve taken a pass at fixing this issue. You should be able to move players who are in your lineup already to another valid position in your lineup now. Please let me know if anyone continues to run into this issue.

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This is great, thank you! I was able to move players between lineup spots.

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Games remaining (3) and position spots available to fill (2) not adding up and likely to be the difference in who wins the week.

Screenshot? Link?

What position has games remaining but not enough slots to fill them?

F = 1
F/C = 2

Well there’s only one F/C slot per day so there’s the rub.

My fault, didn’t realize I was playing sudoku in addition to fantasy basketball. I shall try to do better.


What I do is put together a simple spreadsheet at the beginning of each week where there is a column for each lineup slot (i.e., 3xG, 2xF, etc) with three names underneath along with day of the week that I plan to start them. And then fill it up by prioritizing my must starts and then figure out the back end of the lineup. It’s important to include the day of the week when they’re going to start for this very reason: you can’t start more than one player per day at each lineup slot. This is what my Week 5 plan looks like at the moment:

90% of lineup planning doesn’t require much attention, but towards the end of the week you may have to do some rearranging to make sure that you’re not slated to start 2 guys at F/C on Sunday.

I’ve also gotten into the habit of taking a close look at my planned lineup before Friday night and making any adjustments needed because of injuries or whatever (e.g., this week Giannis missed a game, which forced may to play Miles Bridges an additional game). If you’re playing in a categories league, then you may also decide to alter the weekend lineups after the matchup has taken shape in terms of which categories are most likely to decide the matchup.