Change from Vote off to Allocation?

Is it possible to change the arbitration system of a league after it has been going for a few years? We have had some turnover and there is interest in switching from Vote Off to the Allocation system. Thanks.

Yeah I can help with this. Let me know your league ID.

Thanks Niv. The league name is Jobu Needs A Refill.

Could you link to your leagues home page?

League ID is 110

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Cool, this league should now be on the allocation system and not vote-offs.

Thanks Niv.

Hi, Same question-- can we have our league changed from vote-off to allocation? Also wondering if there’s a commissioner setting to establish the number of managers allowed? I can’t remember if I set it up at 10 when forming the league, or if there’s just no setting and the system will allow as many managers as sign up. We originally planned on 10 but would like to move up to 11 or 12. Thanks!

League is “Baseball Simulator 1.000”

Arbitration ends tomorrow at midnight - are you sure your whole league will be able to get it done in time?

League size is not a setting you can change and there are a lot of ways to consider expansion to 12 teams but that is also not a change to make lightly. I would not change a league to 11 teams, that is too awkward a number.

Yeah we are not going to get arbitration done in time for this year, either way-- I’m still getting the last few managers to register. So my request to move to allocation was for the future. Curious what would be the awkwardness problem with having 11 teams in a roto league? Regarding expansion, is is going to be the year’s first league in Ottoneu so there won’t be a huge “change,” really. I’ll wait to request the expansion until I have the two new managers confirmed though.

Once the arbitration period ends I believe you can change the type of arbitration system in Commish Tools. Any other requests you can send to and I’ll take care of them.