Change player search default to "all" from "MLB"

right now when you click into the players page the baseline setting is MLB, i would like to petition it for ALL as the baseline or an ability to change it to that, i just think it would save me a lot of time because usually i go to the page to search for specific names and always forget to change the settings

small change, but i think it would make a quicker pace for searches, would love either wholesale change or a toggle to be able to set it that way if possible

not sure if this is possible, either way thanks!


I second that motion.

You can click the “vote” button if you want to see something implemented off the Wishlist.

Hey so I noticed @slowphenom got a bunch of people to vote for this which is cool and all but I guess I should address why this is never going to happen.

Search is a pretty common thing to do and its also the slowest part of the site by a significant margin. This is just because there are a lot of players and a lot of processing that needs to be done on each player in order to present all the stats, etc. Speed has improved considerably in the last few years on search and I am always trying to make it faster, but that is just the reality of the situation. Search is computationally intensive! No big surprise when you think about what is going on under the hood.

The vast majority of searches are under two main buckets:

  1. I want to find a very specific single player
  2. I need a replacement on my team based on positional need

For the latter, it makes no sense to make the default “All” - if you need a RP, including every RP from all the minors in addition to every RP in the majors both creates a ton of noise that 99% of people don’t need and makes the search INCREDIBLY slow. This makes sense because there are many, many more players in all levels of the minors than there are in just the majors.

For the former, it also is not absolutely clear that “All” is a better choice than “MLB” - sometimes people want to add a specifically newly added prospect, but a lot of searches are for trade targets, a potential FA that is on a hot streak, etc. Usage on search shows no evidence that there is a huge number of people who search and then search again with ‘All’ enabled - it just isn’t a problem most people run into.

So, in order to not burn down our servers and because this is absolutely not a real problem in any way, this is not going to change. The trade off of a few times a year realizing you need to switch level to ‘All’ from ‘MLB’ is well worth the optimized experience for the vast majority of users searching.


I should add that I fully endorse people making wishlist suggestions and then advocating for them by whatever means they want, but just because something gets a bunch of votes does not mean it will be implemented.

Thanks for the reply. I knew there was most likely a reason, especially involving a large database like all the players eligible for ottobaseball. I knew it wasn’t necessarily possible but just gave it a shot. It also wasn’t a giant difference and I understand the motivation behind the current settings.


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Slow, you could probably just make a simple chrome extension to flip the value for you. Even if it just does it in the post request, not visually.

For all the reasons I outlined, please do not do this.