Clarification on Rule V.b (Ties in Auctions) for H2H

If you wish to add a player to your roster, you must start an auction for the player, and bidding will end 48 hours after the start of the auction. The player must be within the Ottoneu player universe as defined by rule I.f. The player will be awarded to the manager who bids the most for the player, with any ties going to the team lower in the standings. If two teams are tied or the regular season has not begun yet, a coin flip will determine who is awarded the player. The team that nominated the player is obligated to bid on the player

Looking for clarifications on standings for H2H, especially early season with many teams having same record. Does it go by record, and then by total points? Trying to understand my risk in price pumping.

Example, half the teams are 1-0. So the Highest in the standings (lowest priority) would be the 1-0 team with the most points, followed by 1-0 with 2nd most points, etc?


Yeah points are a tiebreaker

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Sorry, one other question - when is it “locked in”? Is it real-time, or locked in at a certain time each morning?

Points for a tiebreaker are looked at in real time, if that is what you are asking. At the moment the auction is processed.

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