Commish Trying to Push Trade Through

Hey Niv,

I’m the commish of football league “League of Ordinary Gentleman”. It’s a private $20 league. A trade was made in our league but the owners forgot to include a loan to cover the difference in players. They didn’t notice until after the trade processed. So they asked me to fix this issue. I was able to remove the traded players from each roster and add them back to their original rosters. They have now resubmitted the same trade (with the correct loan included). This original deal was accepted on Thursday and would have been made in time for the games sunday. Both players would like to have their newly acquired players for their respective games tomorrow. However we have a 48hr trade period (so that clock has started again today since they had to redo the trade). I was looking to see if I could push the trade through for them but I don’t seem to have that ability as the commish. It looks like I can only vote on the trade. Is there anyway you can assist in pushing this trade through for both owners?

The trade is between Hopkins Hero’s and The Phantom Tolbert. Players included are $12 Kirk Cousins and $4 Michael Pittman for $34 David Montgomery and $2 Corey Davis (with a $20 Loan).


Could you share a link to the trade itself? I’ll move its accepted date to align with the first attempt at the trade.

Perhaps easier if this comes up again I can add a loan in to a trade to make the math work.

I think I figured out which trade you were referring to and it should be fast-tracked. In the future please link to trades, as they have ID numbers in them that make it easier for me to find them. Oh and of course let me know if it doesn’t look like the trade will process in time.

Thank you, Niv! I just checked and saw you were successful in pushing the trade through. That’s good to know on the adding the link for the trades going forward. I’ve been playing ottoneu for a few years, but this is my first time as a commish so I’m still learning the ropes.

Again, Thank you!

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