Commissioner ability to delete an in-progress auction

Once in a while we’ll have a manager that’s ingested either too little coffee or too much booze start an auction they didn’t intend to. Is there a way for a commissioner to kill an auction before it completes?


No, once an auction is started it has to run its course. Commissioners can remove players from teams if that’s a path you want to go down.

Can this be wishlisted?

Anything can be wishlisted- make a Wishlist form post. Due to the bidding being 48 hours and blind, I do not see why they should ever be canceled, but maybe there’s a pent up demand that I’m unaware of.

Ah, tricky! Changed a question topic to a Wishlist topic. Would have preferred you to make a new topic, but this will work.

I have this very problem today, I’m a commish with mostly new to Ottoneu players and one of the newer players started an auction without realizing the player was previously cut and was a $16 min bid.

I’d love to have the option in this scenario to cancel the auction for them. He reached out immediately once he realized his error. Is the only workaround still to remove the player after?

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I can delete the auction. This issue comes up at most like 2 times a year, so its more efficient for me to handle it on my own than build a whole interface for it.

Send me a note at with your league ID and the player whose auction needs to be ended and I’ll take care of it.

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Hey Niv, can you cancel the Elijah Green, WSN auction in league 1348? Player was supposed to be on the restricted list because he’s rostered externally. Thank you!

No problem, done.

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Thanks, Niv! You’re the best

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