Commissioners can pin posts to the top of the message board


Hi all,

In order to provide some entertainment over the all-star break, as well as to encourage rebuilding teams by rewarding them for their good transactions (despite their position in the standings), I’ve created a mid-season awards/all-star ballot for my league. The categories are:

Best early auction buy (picks 1-99)
Best late auction buy (picks 100-end of draft)
Best waiver wire add (pitcher)
Best waiver wire add (hitter)
Best breakout pitcher (keeper $15 or under)
Best breakout hitter (keeper $15 or under)
Best trade

I then scoured the transactions page and draft history to find candidates and created a Google Form so my league could vote. As league members have responded to my post announcing the initiative, it has been pushed down the message board and will soon disappear from the league home page.

I was hoping that you might be able to add a feature for commissioners to pin a post at the top of the message board, similar to how you can pin emails to the top of an inbox or a tweet to the top of your Twitter page in order to increase visibility. This would obviously be helpful for what I am doing now, but it could also be helpful in the future for any other important league announcements.