Community Guidelines in Slack

Hi, couldn’t think of a good place to post this, and I thought this thread would be the best place. I am on the Ottoneu Slack, and I would definitely like to be more involved. I think it can border on toxic at times, and tonight was one of those times. I am sure most folks in the Ottoneu community would like to see Ottoneu as a platform thrive, and I think an active online community can be a great way to develop the appeal! Unfortunately, I think the Slack can be an unwelcoming place. I think I would enjoy the Slack more and it would be healthier overall if there were community guidelines for participating. There are lots of templates for this; I found this on a quick google search:

Hope this helps and can find the right audience.


First off, I’m sorry you had a bad experience in Slack. You can reach out to one of the moderators if you have a specific experience you want to point out as bad:

@mmaude (same name in Slack)
@chy924 (chadyoung in Slack)

Ottoneu Slack is a fan-run community that Ottoneu does not manage. It has many public and private channels, so when you refer to “Slack” as bordering on toxic that is a wide brush for what may have been a specific event that most of the users in Slack didn’t experience.

We have community guidelines on this forum and while this forum and Ottoneu do not govern the Ottoneu Slack, I will work with the Slack admins to sort out how best to present the guidelines within Slack itself.


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