Custom League Settings for new league


I am trying to set up a new league, and here are my preferred league settings:
H2H Points league
Set Lineups Weekly

Is that possible? I see some fine print under scoring type that points leagues can’t do weekly lineups? If that is true that is okay, I just want to double check before I try and recruit a league.

Also, it seems like there aren’t a lot of settings that a commissioner can mess with, which is actually great since I like pretty much everything that I have seen. But what are all the customizable options available to commissioners? From the league creation screen it looks like scoring system, arbitration system, playoff settings and per week GS Cap. Am I missing anything?

Appreciate any and all feedback. -Thanks

You cannot have weekly lineups in a H2H scoring format. Season-long scoring can do weekly lineups.

The settings you see are the basic extent of the league options. You can also change how long a trade takes to process, off the top of my head.

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