Custom section on lineup page with rename option

When a player starts sucking and you decide to give him a time out but you don’t want to cut him… neither Bench, Minors nor IL are appropriate places to stash him, technically. I know it’s inconsequential but I also continually find myself wishing a custom section existed that I could rename something like “Dead to Me”, “Don’t Use”, “Don’t You F****ing Use Him”, “Time Out”, or the like. Maybe even with a toggle to display their stats on the Today’s Stats page like Bench or not display like Minors.

I don’t know that I would use it as you’ve proposed, but this capability would also be helpful for distinguishing between SP and RP on the pitchers’ bench, which I would find very helpful since occasionally I’ve missed out on choosing a RP because there’s so many SP on the bench to sort through.


I feel like this idea should be named in honor of Cody Bellinger’s 2021 season. :grimacing: